On Time Staffing Acquires InterSolutions LLC

Camden, N.J.— On Time Staffing has formed a strategic partnership with Washington, D.C.-based InterSolutions LLC. The new alliance provides InterSolutions with better expertise, experience and resources for the backend of its operations and On Time Staffing with an entrance into the property management staffing industry.

“The alliance is a natural fit for both parties,” says On Time Staffing CEO Brian Kares. “InterSolutions and On Time Staffing have similar business models; each company has carved a unique niche specializing in specific industries.”

InterSolutions is a recognized leader providing temporary staffing to the property management industry in the metropolitan areas of Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia. On Time Staffing specializes on the temporary personnel needs of light industrial industries and has branches, affiliates and onsite offices nationally.

No major changes are planned for InterSolutions, adds Kares

Drew Golin, former owner, will continue to direct InterSolutions’ sales and operations. On Time Staffing offers InterSolutions the back office backbone necessary to increase efficiencies at all levels of the organization and improve the administrative quality of its services to its clients.InterSolutions knowledge of, and relationships in, the property management industry represent a major growth opportunity for On Time Staffing in other urban cities throughout North America.