On the Move

Taking a look at residents’ move-in experiences.

Moving can be an incredibly stressful experience—but it doesn’t have to be. This month we asked Kingsley Associates to find out how residents felt about their move-in experiences at their apartment communities.

❝ My interaction with the leasing office staff throughout the application, approval and moving process was the best I’ve ever experienced. They were available to me and my roommate whenever we needed them or had questions and were very accommodating. They also effectively communicated the entire move-in process, and I feel like it was a very personalized experience based on my and my roommate’s needs. ❞ —Carlsbad, Calif.

❝ I feel totally taken care of in this new community. Excellent leasing and maintenance staff. I couldn’t be happier. ❞ —San Jose, Calif.

❝ Leasing process involves too much paperwork to fill out, whether it be online or on paper. This has nothing to do with
the staff, but the policies and processes in place. ❞ —Atlanta

❝ Improve the ease of application for non-U.S. residents. Online application is good, but it does not accept non-U.S. residents’ applications. ❞ —Fairfax, Va.

❝ My suggestion would be to have a welcome package for new residents that explains details about the building and the processes. For example, it can include a map of the building with call outs of amenities as well as nearest trash rooms, a description of the location of the parking space, etc. ❞ —Hollywood, Calif.

❝ Would be nice if we got communication on prerequisites like power and utilities before move in. Would be nice to have all the lights and appliances checked ahead to improve the move-in experience.❞ —Richmond, Va.

❝ Would appreciate availability of carts for moving my luggage, as it would reduce the effort of moving in significantly. ❞ —Union City, Calif.

❝ Be honest when you’re renting apartments. And replace carpets after small dogs pee all over them…a steamer will never get that smell out. ❞ —Franklin, Tenn.

❝ Make sure the apartment is cleaned (including drawers) and all features are up to par (including toilet seat). ❞ —Baltimore

❝ I believe all apartments should be inspected upon move in. My apartment was not properly cleaned to my satisfaction. Basic things were neglected and not looked over. ❞ —Bensalem, Pa.

❝ I enjoyed how the staff treated me and how they made moving in easy. ❞ —Woodstock, Ga.

❝ Although I realize that the leasing office is busy, responses to my emails and questions during the application process were not timely. I also had to constantly check in on the status of our application, which was not looked at when promised, regardless of the fact that we made it clear that we were on a time crunch. ❞ —Malvern, Pa.