Level on 16th, Phoenix

Photography and text by Daniel Adler, Contributing Editor

In the Phoenix office of Alliance Residential’s Level on 16th, Assistant Business Manager Ashley Fields opens a letter bearing good news. The Phoenix Business Journal has just designated Level as one of the city’s most exclusive apartments—an impressive distinction for a property that has housed residents for only seven months. Fields says that the property’s modern aesthetic, designed by ORB Architects LLC and Christy & Company Architecture LLC, and its first-class amenities lead many prospects to assume the units are condominiums. Stories like this speak to the quick rise of Level as one of Phoenix’s premier multifamily communities.

The amenities at Level comprise what the staff calls a “resort-style” package. Residents enjoy a pool surrounded by shaded lounge chairs, barbeque grills and a ramada for hosting poolside happy hours. Behind a retractable wall is the two-story fitness center, where an on-site private trainer advises residents in nutrition and conditioning. Cooking classes, First Friday art walks and a poolside fashion show are also on the horizon. Fields frames these benefits as an “added value,” which she says seals the deal for prospects hesitant to pay a premium rent.

Cross-marketing with local businesses and employers is another way that Level ingratiates itself with the community. New residents receive a move-in packet with coupons for surrounding businesses. Companies that display advertising for Level provide customers with flyers good for a $100 rent reduction. Residents employed at nearby businesses and state and municipal bodies enjoy discounts through preferred employer arrangements. In planning community events, Level staff give residents a chance to showcase their professional skills; a boutique owner, a chef and a fashion show producer are just a few of the talented residents whose work is promoted through on-site events.

The property’s inviting sense of urban style makes it a nexus for Phoenix-based Alliance’s corporate events. The company uses Level to hold meetings for company staff, from corporate to managers and maintenance teams. Business manager Lori Nelson observes that one benefit of hosting the meetings is that it provides yet another marketing opportunity. Employees “come in and see the site, and see how amazing it is. Then they can refer [prospects]” they encounter elsewhere to check out Level. Prospects who feel that Level does not fit their needs can be referred to Alliance’s sister properties elsewhere in the region.

In its short time on the scene, Level on 16th has made a name for itself with residents and businesses, as well as within its corporate organization. This multi-faceted approach to property management promises to create stable and dependable business in a competitive market.

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