NWP Services Corporation Announces Partnership with Energy Star

Irvine, Calif.–NWP Services Corporation has announced  the company has become an Energy Star Partner. Through its voluntary partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy STar, NWP helps customers improve the energy efficiency of their multifamily communities, improve financial performance and help preserve the environment for future generations.

“Customers who utilize our UtilitySmart Business Intelligence and Benchmarking Analytics product can now choose to take advantage of a robust and seamless integration with EPA’s Portfolio Manager, to automatically submit comprehensive utility consumption data to benchmark their communities’ performance and comply with local and state regulations where applicable,” says Jim Charles, senior vice president of product management and engineering for NWP.

“One of the major challenges the industry has been facing has been the labor intensive task of entering meter level consumption information into the EPA’s Portfolio Manager,” says Charles. “With UtilitySmart, the entire process is automated daily and information in Portfolio Manager is current each night. With New York City requiring most communities with over 50,000 sq. ft. to benchmark in Portfolio Manager by August 1, 2011 and Seattle requiring most multifamily communities to benchmark with Portfolio Manager or similar by April 1, 2012, failure to benchmark may result in violations on a quarterly basis and an additional penalty per violation. Now is the time to get started with a strategy to comply.”

As an Energy Star Partner, NWP Services Corporation will provide customers with an automated integration to Portfolio Manager; measure and track the energy performance of customers’ communities where possible; develop and implement a pan consistent with the Energy Star Energy Management Guidelines to achieve energy savings; help spread the word about the importance of energy efficiency to the multifamily housing industry; and support the Energy Star Challenge, a national call-to-action to help improve energy efficiency.