NWP Launches Enhanced Pay Services Package

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorIrvine, Calif.–NWP Services Corp. (NWP), an Irvine-based financial transaction-processing services company for the multifamily industry, has launched its enhanced service-offering package, consisting of Resident OneBill, Resident ePay and UtilityPay Manager Services.Resident OneBill is a billing solution that enables property owners to provide a monthly statement to every resident itemizing all charges including rent, and displaying their total balance due. Resident OneBill also incorporates utility charges as allocated and assessed by NWP’s utility cost recovery service, which allows property owners to transfer the cost of utility usage to residents. Resident ePay, NWP’s enhanced resident payment processing service, enables resident payments to be deposited directly and electronically into the property’s bank account. The service also incorporates on-site check scanning devices so that check and money order payments received at the property manager’s office can be deposited as electronic payments, as well as a feature that allows property managers to input credit card payments via an online terminal. UtilityPay Manager is an outsourced service for the processing of the invoices sent to property managers by their utility companies. UtilityPay Manager features bill auditing, data mining, and trend and benchmark reporting. UtilityPay Manager also provides usage and rate monitoring to help further reduce utility costs and produces information to help guide management decision-making and facilitate more accurate budgeting. “While each service provides our customers with a proven and effective solution to their financial transaction processing needs, when they are now utilized together they can greatly improve operational efficiencies and cash flow,” says Mike Radice, NWP president and CEO.