NWP Launches Automated Final Utility Bill Process

By Erika Schnitzer, Associate EditorIrvine, Calif.–NWP Services Corporation (NWP) has launched an automated process for generating final utility bills to apartment residents. Previously, a final utility bill could be generated in two ways: the property manager could move out residents on NWP’s Website up to 35 days in advance or NWP would receive move out information, but the property manager would still need to enter final charges manually.This process does not necessarily provide for the most current or accurate billing information, however. NWP’s automated final bill process “puts it into [property managers’] hands later, so residents get a bill that is true to when they move out,” says Debra Medina, billing services product manager for NWP.The new process allows for resident move outs to be automatically identified on a weekly basis, and NWP calculates each final bill and uploads the charges to the resident’s ledger. “The property management company is assured that they can see what should have been collected and if any concessions are being made,” Medina tells MHN. Additionally, according to Medina, the new process saves administration time and reduces the chance that the property manager will process the move out incorrectly, ensuring a higher percentage of cost recovery.As part of the new process, NWP emails or faxes each property, alerting the management team that a final bill is ready to review and print.Customers who are participating in NWP’s electronic data exchange will have access to this new process, and new customers will be given the opportunity to set parameters, says Medina, explaining that property managers can choose the frequency with which NWP receives resident move out files, allowing for some customization.