NRP Group SVP Receives Cesar E. Chavez Award

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorSan Antonio–Daniel Markson, senior vice president of development at the NRP Group LLC, recently received the Cesar E. Chavez Eagle award at the Cesar E. Chavez Legacy and Educational Scholarship Recipients dinner awards, held at the La Villita Assembly Hall in San Antonio.“This award is given to special individuals who are fighting in the spirit of Cesar E. Chavez for the poor people,” says Jaime P. Martinez, chairman, Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice.Chavez was a farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist in the 1950s.“The new frontier of civil rights is affordable housing,” Markson tells MHN. “With this award, the foundation recognized the struggle we go through to provide affordable housing to families with children and seniors.”“We are out there fighting in a difficult environment, teaching Chavez’s principles in our after-school programs,” says Markson.Martinez says that the recipients of the award achieve this goal by means of non-violence in addition to educating communities to bring about profound social and economic change this year.The Cesar E. Chavez Legacy and Educational Scholarships are presented to underprivileged youth so that they can continue their education in college.“An individual can adopt the way of life of his future—the non-violent way—without having to wait for others to do so, and in doing so he or she will set the example for others to serve our communities,” says Martinez.