Nichiha Fiber Cement Siding Used in LEED ND Project

Nichiha fiber cement siding was recently included in Sustainable Fellwood, a 27-acre LEED ND project in Savannah, Ga.The project will feature NichiBoard Lap Siding, which is engineered to utilize the latest eco-friendly technology in fiber cement. It available in Smooth and Cedar finishes, as well as six widths.The panels, which are moisture-, rot- and termite-resistant, do not require sealant or caulk, as they are ship lapped on four sides. Its patented clip system creates a pocket of air between the panels and substrate, reducing the potential for moisture build-up. The siding is produced in an environmentally conscious manufacturing plant that recycles 95 percent of the water used and treats the other 5 percent before putting it into the runoff system.The majority of raw materials used to produce Nichiha fiber cement products come from natural byproduct and recycled pulp fiber that would normally be shipped to landfills, and Nichiha is able to recycle fiber cement scraps back into the manufacturing process, thereby eliminating waste