New Year, New Interior Design Trends

For a property manager or a renter looking to design an apartment, taking into account a few of the year’s design trends can make a huge difference.

There are a lot of different aspects that go into interior design. Here are a few tips, tricks, styles and trends that you can take into consideration before you start updating or staging the apartments in your community.

Sustainability: Less is more

Sustainability should be an essential part of every person’s approach to design, from energy efficiency to reducing environmental impact. A few tips for property managers looking for a green approach are:

  • maximize the efficient use of space
  • reduce waste by using reclaimed or recycled materials
  • plan for energy-efficient lighting
  • use non-toxic and non-polluting products

Fortunately, there are many safe and chemical-free products available, as well as a lot of vintage and antique décor and furniture stores that sell items that can be repurposed or refinished to give them a new life. Decorative objects using sustainable materials such as jute, rice papers and clay will be in this year. By incorporating sustainable, eco-friendly materials when designing your apartment, you’ll be doing your part in promoting energy efficiency and responsibility.

Multi-functional furniture

When it comes to the furniture, use multi-functional pieces. This way you save a lot of space and money. Living in a smaller place doesn’t mean that you can’t make it cute just because functionality is your priority. Whether it’s a hidden bed in a closet, or a chair with a side coffee table, there are plenty of options for you to make it practical, yet in trend.


You cannot speak about interior design trends and not mention the color of the year. Grassy Green—Pantone’s color of the year—talks about the connection between human kind and nature. The combination of nature-inspired elements, earthy furniture or eco-friendly objects, are becoming more and more searched for this year. The effects of using the color green are similar to those of blue, being perceived as calm and clear. Green is the color found the most in nature, making it one of the most relaxing color to the mind and body, bringing good mood, medication, balance and an intense impression of freshness. From a feature wall in the living room or kitchen, to the bright pops of green in the bathroom, this color will give the impression of a cozy, healthy place.

If you’re staging an apartment and you can’t make major changes to it, adding different items could be your best bet. One example would be big, bold plants. You can even use fake plants, especially if you don’t want your future renters to kill your plants or so you don’t have to buy a new one every time a resident leaves. 

Don’t forget about the ceilings

Do you want your property to stand out? Try painting your ceiling a color other than basic white, or if you’re feeling more courageous, use a pattern wallpaper. The last time that we saw something done to the ceilings was back in the ’20s, when the ornate molded tin ceilings were in every house. A reimagined ceiling can make a room appear larger, brighter and most of all, more memorable than any other common ceiling could. In the end, design it’s not only about looking pretty, it’s also about functionality and making the most out of the available space.