New Xylem Vanity Brings Big City Style to Small Bath Spaces

Xylem is now offering a 24-inch version of their stylish Manhattan vanity. The scaled down unit is a good option for smaller bathrooms looking to make a big luxury statement.

Manhattan Vanity

Roswell, Ga.—A perfect apartment bathroom should have a perfect bathroom vanity. The piece should exude style without a loss of function or durability. Since most apartments have scaled down bathrooms, the vanity should have a smaller footprint with enough storage options to keep bath accessories organized. This means that a unit with drawers is better suited than its cabinet-style counterpart. The piece should also accommodate a variety of vanity tops and under-mount sinks so it can be tailored to fit any design scheme. The new 24-inch Manhattan Vanity from Xylem has all these features and more.

Built from a unique construction of solid poplar beneath a cherry veneer, the Manhattan Vanity is billed as being as durable as the streets of New York City. While that might be true, this vanity is certainly cleaner and better looking. The drawers feature chrome handles that accentuate the piece’s lines. Available in white or black, the unit can also be matched with a 24-inch mirror for that added high-design look.

If your space calls for a larger piece, Xylem still has something to offer. The Manhattan vanity is still available in its original 30-inch and 36-inch variants. In addition there is a 30-inch and 34-inch mirror to pair with either unit.

Visit Xylem’s website for more information on the Manhattan vanity or to see what kind of tops might further suit your design scheme.