New Solatube Series Provides Daylighting in Residential Applications

Solatube’s Brighten Up series is designed to make daylighting easier and more affordable for most interiors. It features an energy-efficient design that minimizes heat loss and gain between the interior space and outdoor environment.The Raybender 300 Technology lens directs low-angle light down from the tube for enhanced performance during the morning and afternoon. It also deflects sun rays in the middle of the day, providing consistent lighting levels. The LightTracker Reflector works in conjunction with the lens to increase light performance by up to 100 percent.The Energy Star-rated series is available in two models: the Solatube 160 DS Daylighting System, which illuminates up to 200 sq. ft. and works for smaller, dark areas such as bathrooms, hallways, walk-in closets and utility areas; and the Solatube 290 DS Daylighting System, which can light up to 300 sq. ft., working well for larger areas, such as kitchens, living rooms and stairwells.Steel seamless flashings are designed to ensure a leak-proof performance, while the entire system is sealed to lock out insects, dust and moisture.Add-on accessories include a light add-on kit, which provides daytime and nighttime lighting in a single ceiling fixture; a ventilation add-on kit that is ideal for high humidity environments; and a dimmer that provides control of the amount of light in a room.