New PollenTec Screens Let The Breeze In While Keeping Allergens Out.

The PollenTec screen is a new product that allows property owners and managers to fit windows and doors with screens that keep pollen out, while still letting the breeze in.According to some reports, 50 million people in North America are affected by allergies and almost 55 percent of the population test positive for at least one or more airborne allergens.The PollenTec screens look very similar to normal screens but are designed with a unique filtering effect that allows fresh air to flow in while keeping out up to 100 percent of pollens.”My whole family suffers from seasonal allergies,” says Paul Honnen, president of Screens, Inc. “One beautiful sunny day in Arizona, I sat inside with the windows closed up and the air conditioner running to prevent the dreaded itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing from the pollens and allergens in the breeze outside,” he says. Research led Honnen to a partnership with a 150-year-old specialty textile company in Europe. Honnen is now the exclusive distributor for North America for this product.PollenTec screen material sells for $10 per square foot.