Mediterranea HD Glazed Tiles Replicate Heart Pine Wood Look

Mediterranea has created glazed tiles that replicate first-generation heart pine timber in HD quality.

Mediterranea tile designers have used digital inkjet graphic design technology to recreate glazed porcelain tiles that precisely mirror the look of the first-generation heart pine timber used to build America.

The Heart Pine collection of glazed porcelain tile has only recently been made possible with advanced software and inkjet transfer capabilities. The Mediterranea product displays true-to-life details and characteristics of this hardwood now in limited supply. The new design program allows Mediterranea to select the most desirable planks and surface textures and transfer these to porcelain tile with high-definition precision.

The replica tiles help preserve the heart pine species and protect the longleaf pine forests that once ranged in abundance from Virginia to Texas. Produced in the United States with recycled content for contributions to LEED and LEED for Homes building, Heart Pine from Mediterranea is available in one standard, 6” x 24” plank-sized format.

First-generation heart pine timber simply refers to the heartwood of the longleaf pine. Unlike most species, when a longleaf pine is allowed the time to mature it will naturally develop almost entirely into beautiful heartwood with tight, concentric growth rings. The longleaf pine can take 300 to 500 years to fully mature. When America was first settled there were some 80 million acres of longleaf pine forests. By the early 1900s they had essentially been depleted from overuse. Heart Pine was highly sought after as the ideal source for the masts of ships.