MGA Campus Wins MHN Excellence Gold in ‘Unbuilt’

See a slideshow of the award-winning entry by MGA North LLC and Killefer Flammang Architects

Los Angeles—The Gold winners in the MHN 2015 Excellence Awards “Unbuilt Category” Killefer Flammang Architects and toymaker/developer MGA Entertainment are collaborating to transform an underutilized 24-acre site of the former L.A. Times Chatsworth printing facility into a vibrant new corporate, residential and retail campus. The existing 255,000-square-foot building will be transformed into creative office and production space and serve as the headquarters for MGA Entertainment. The surrounding acres will give way to four new residential buildings containing 660 units, neighborhood retail and abundant amenities. The project will be completed in three phases over four years.

See the full list of MHN 2015 Excellence Award winners here.The core tenets of the project are Wellness, Community and Whimsicality. These tenets inform the organization, amenities and character of the project. Central to the design is a varying connective network of open space, which ties the campus together. Diverse nodes, each comprising different social zones and unique features, define the character of the immediate locale and are connected by landscaped pedestrian paths. These nodes incorporate a variety of amenities including an amphitheater, village green, transit plaza, dog park, community gardens, two pool plazas and day care. The perimeter of the project has a trail that is both a promenade and an exercise path, landscaped with canopy trees, native shrubs and drought-tolerant grasses that connect the campus to the surrounding natural landscape.

The corner retail plaza and commercial space create a retail element at the ground floor and connect to existing retail across Winnetka Boulevard. In addition, a shuttle circulating from the campus transit plaza provides residents and employees linkage to regional transit centers. A new bike lane ties to the existing LA City bicycle network.