Never Lose Heat through a Balcony Again


A balcony is one of the nicest amenities an apartment can have. There is nothing quite like having a cup of coffee overlooking your city before getting down to business. But balconies can be a tricky part of construction. Without proper planning you might end up with an energy inefficient heat sink that could lead to condensation and mold. Luckily there is a new product available here in the States from Schöck, a German-based building solutions firm.

Isokorb is an off-the-shelf solution to thermal bridging in the building envelope. The load-bearing and thermal-insulating element for connect cantilevers (such as balconies and canopies that penetrate the building’s exterior) is made from stainless steel and a steel fiber reinforced ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). The design and construction provide for a number of benefits.

First of all, the system provides for warmer surface temperatures around the balcony for your residents. Isokorb also saves energy and operating costs from space heating. It also helps prevents condensation and mold, and contributes towards sustainable building practices and LEED certification.

“This proven technology, which plays a vital role in creating energy efficient connections for reinforced concrete and steel, can now be easily accessed by the many U.S. design groups interested in sustainable concepts,” says Matt Capone, national sales manager for Schöck USA.

To learn more about the system, check out the video below of an Isokorb installation at The Beaver Barracks, an affordable housing project in Ottawa.