NanaWall Single Track Slider

NanaWall Systems’ newest product, the NanaWall VSW65 Single Track Slider, is a wood-framed, individual-panel, single-sliding system that can be used in multifamily buildings to create more rooms in flexible units or in place of walls between the units and balconies.With its single track, the custom system provides a clean line for a seamless transition from one room to another or from inside into the outside. The VSW65 is easy to operate and can be designed to slide into a pocket. NanaWall Systems’ opening glass walls can be installed anywhere a traditional wall would stand and provide flexible solutions to multifamily units. Each system is custom designed to the size and number of panels needed, and can have an almost unlimited number of panels. The maximum individual panel width is four feet (48 inches). The maximum unit height is 9 feet 10 inches. The NanaWall VSW65 Single Track Slider also eliminates the need for bulky multi- tracks and thick walls for holding the tracks. It is available with a single acting operable door.(Pictured: The older model of NanaWall Single Track Slider in a multifamily building)