Multifamily‘s First CSR Platform Taps COO, Partner

Jen Piccotti rejoins her former SatisFacts partners at ManagInc, bringing nearly a decade of education and marketing experience.
Jen Piccotti, ManagInc

Jen Piccotti, ManagInc

Baltimore—ManagInc announced that Jen Piccotti has joined as chief operating officer & partner at the multifamily industry’s first corporate social responsibility (CSR) planning platform and consulting service. Piccotti rejoins her former SatisFacts partners Doug Miller, founder & CEO of ManagInc, and Joe Summers, chief revenue officer & partner at ManagInc. In her new role, she will oversee the company’s Everyone Can Win CSR planning platform, as well as client training and support programs and industry education programs.

Piccotti has nearly a decade of education and marketing experience as SVP with SatisFacts. In that role, she led client support and brand management for SatisFacts and, providing resident retention programs, customer service education, action planning, reputation management coaching and content development. Piccotti also brings resident/employee engagement and retention expertise. Author and blogger, she has spoken at industry events such as NAA, AIM, Multifamily Social Media Summit and Canada’s Landlord WebCon.

Baltimore-based ManagInc was launched in October 2016. The platform helps property management companies focus on employee engagement and retention as well as resident satisfaction and retention. Miller helps multifamily operators capitalize on the growing importance of CSR.

“Regardless of industry, nearly all the research indicates companies that embrace and invest in CSR reduce employee turnover, increase customer and resident retention and significantly improve financial performance. In fact, a recent Gallup study determined companies with high employee engagement are 44 percent more profitable,” said Miller at the launch in a prepared statement.

“It’s critically important the multifamily industry embrace CSR because it matters to consumers more than ever, especially Millennials. CSR factors heavily into younger generations’ employment and purchasing decisions, and that is the fastest growing renter segment in the marketplace,” added Miller. “We’re committed to educating the industry that CSR involves more than just charity events and giving back to society. It encompasses how a company treats its residents and employees.”

According to the 2015 Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study, 87 percent of Millennials said their purchasing decisions are influenced by a company’s commitment to CSR. In addition, 63 percent of Millennial women and 45 percent of Millennial men said CSR plays an important role in their job hunt, according to the Six-Month Research Update to the 2014 Millennial Impact Report. The study was conducted by Achieve.

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