Inside the February 2012 Issue

Read the articles from the latest print issue of Multi-Housing News.

Editor’s Note: It’s Election Season Again

How will multifamily trade associations use the down time?

Executive Insight: Interview with Robert Faith, CEO, Greystar

Founder and CEO Robert Faith attributes Greystar’s number-one status to a number of factors.

Perspective: It’s Election Season Again

Debates, hearings and political posturing will sideline resolutions on critical issues.

Finance & Investment: Fannie Mae Alternatives

Election year clouds prospects for GSE reform.

Property Management: Apartment Extras: Generating ROI

Operators may not need to go beyond the standard amenity package to generate a return on investment.

Marketing: Who is Your Demographic?

With the renter pool covering a wider audience, is it possible to appeal to everyone?

Development & Design: What to Build Now

Multifamily specialists are taking wood podiums, wind turbines and modular bathrooms seriously.

Market Report: A Breath of Relief in the Mid-Atlantic

Industry experts don’t expect the 2012 election to slow the pace of recovery for the top-performing Washington, D.C. metro; in Philadelphia, diverse economics continue to shine favorably on the market.

On the Hill: First and Foremost: Agenda 2012

GSE reform and tax reform are top legislative priorities for trade associations.

Technology: Send in the Cloud: A Look at Cloud Computing and Multifamily

Multifamily adopts the mantra ‘services not servers.’

Green Beat: The Laws of Recycling

Get residents on board before recycling is mandated in your apartment communities.

Renters’ Choice: Bathroom Wish List

MHN finds out what features apartment residents value most.

Products & Services: Buttoning Up: Products for an Energy-Efficient Building

The true key to energy efficiency is a tight building envelope.