Mobile App Helps Establish Suitable Drainage Solutions

NDS’ app offers drainage solutions based on a calculator which determines stormwater runoff, required pipe diameter and the number of dry wells needed.
Stormwater Drainage Tools App. Image courtesy of NDS Inc.
Stormwater Drainage Tools App. Image courtesy of NDS Inc.

NDS Inc., a manufacturer of drainage and stormwater management solutions for both residential and commercial applications, has introduced the Stormwater Drainage Tools application. The cost-free mobile app calculates stormwater runoff and determines requirements for implementing a variety of drainage solutions.

The app features an easy-to-use calculator that determines runoff in gallons per minute and cubic feet of water per second, as well as required pipe diameter for any given drainage need. Additionally, the product includes a separate calculator for determining the number of dry wells needed for detaining collected stormwater and the type and size of drainage pipe needed based on area size and surface type, the depth and thickness of gravel backfill, and the slope of drainage pipe. The app also includes the company’s complete product catalog.

“The financial cost of a drainage problem can range anywhere from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars to fix a wet basement, a soggy back yard, a compromised house foundation, or a washed away landscape—which is why it’s important to spot drainage problems early and fix them correctly,” said Sharon Vessels, vice president of marketing and e-commerce for NDS, in a prepared statement.