Miele’s Quietest Dishwasher Yet

The new G 2002 La Perla series from Miele is engineered to be the quietest dishwasher yet from the company. G 2002 includes a Turbo feature that speeds up wash programs by 10-15 percent and the sensor dry system, which analyzes room temperature to calculate the optimal water heat, rinse aid distribution and drying time.The dishwasher incorporates the clean air-drying system, which circulates room air around the exterior cavity in the machine. This pulls moisture from the dishware to the walls of the dishwasher where it drains away. To assist this process, the new sensor dry feature measures room temperature so that it can adjust the heat of the water, rinse aid distribution and drying time to maximize performance. At the end of the cycle, the washer’s door opens automatically. The Miele clean touch stainless steel finish resists scratches, fingerprints and smudges. G 2002 dishwashers come in two dimensions, to fit large and small spaces, with fully adjustable legs to accommodate a variety of countertop heights and to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications.Every G 2002 dishwasher meets all Energy Star requirements for low water usage and is crafted so that more than 90 percent of the dishwasher itself is recyclable.www.miele.com