MHN Solutions Showcase: Q&A with Spherexx

Throughout the year MHN will showcase companies that provide solutions to the apartment industry. From finance, legal, construction and design to technology, operations, marketing and communications, gain new insights into the companies that solve problems and add value.

Spherexx_Headshots_quotesHow are your customers managing their businesses more efficiently with your product/service? is an advertising agency and a software development firm that works as a “plug-in” to accounting software through seamless integration. websites are the top lease source generator for our clients, and our software and data services are all constructed to streamline property management functions with measurable results.

Lead Management: ILoveLeasing secures every step of the lead to conversion process. It automatically acquires all leads from identified sources, integrates and de-duplicates data, creates advertising ROI and performance reports, empowers prospect communications, and provides optional lead generation software.

Competitor Market Survey: MarketSurveyTools creates exemplary market surveys and custom reports from the clients’ updates, and monitors and shares market intelligence for more than seven million units across the US.

Revenue Management: Science-based, algorithmic RentPush has proven to outperform area market rates, stabilize threatened assets, and increase rent per occupied unit by more than 15 percent in one year.

Apartment Commission Tracking: This highly flexible administrative tool saves untold hours by automatically computing and auditing commission and bonus rewards based on the community’s specific performance goals.

Tablet Leasing Application: LeasingBook provides guest card and showcase tools, integrates with property management software and ILoveLeasing lead management for enhanced search and interactive content, and can operate in the field without an Internet connection for extended periods of time.

Multifamily Due Diligence: The tablet-based software compiles real estate property inspection information for accurate valuation, budgeting and auditing assessment. It offers special share features for inspectors, completion schedules and a high level of customization.

Business Intelligence: RentIntel locates, leverages, analyzes, and compares unstructured data into predictive outcome based on the user’s choice of key performance indicators per project, or multiple and portfolio summary.

What advice would you give owners/operators on how to prioritize their technology needs in the current environment?

Owners and operators must be aggressive in leveraging the data they are collecting. With current technology, there is no need to ever wonder whether advertising investments are being spent with optimal returns, or how leasing staff can improve performance, or if rents are at their optimized rates. Owners and operators can be assured operations are running at peak performance, or be quickly informed when there is room for improvement.

All products provided by are focused on measuring results for the purpose of creating higher net operating income with streamlined cloud-based marketing and management tools.

Since we are anticipating a significant increase in renovation and construction activity in the coming months, do you have any products geared towards streamlining this part of the multifamily business? has provided creative design, collateral, web development, and software products that have served construction lease up and management initiatives over the years. Every new construction community will need a branding package, and Spherexx can provide that along with tracking the performance of every dollar spent promoting that new asset.

ILoveLeasing offers a first responder service that will secure and follow up with inquiries before leasing personnel are in place. Spherexx kiosks are popular and easily implemented in construction trailers by wall or table mount.

RentPush revenue management has a unique lease-up module that has exceeded rate growth expectations. The LeasingBook tablet application has been very effective during lease-ups, reporting 64 percent higher closing ratio over traditionally toured leads.

Becca Wilson is President/CEO of Spherexx

spherexx_logoAbout is recognized as an established leader for website, Internet marketing and software development services since 2000. With offices located in Tulsa, Dallas, and Houston, the company has been distinguished as one of INC5000’s fastest growing companies. offers a wide selection of professional services including software development, web design and development, touchscreen kiosks, Internet lead generation tools, online advertising, consulting, advanced mobile technology, apartment lease-up marketing consulting, and search engine performance. The company also provides branding services, video/multimedia production, print media, and copywriting, as well as website and email hosting, database solutions, pay per click, e-commerce solutions and custom programming.