Mediterranea Porcelain Tiles Replicate Petrified Wood

Mediterranea recreates ancient 'wood' with advanced printing techniques in their new Mountain Timber series of porcelain tiles.

Mediterranea Mountain Timber Porcelain Tiles

Doral, Fla.–Porcelain tile artisans at Mediterranea have put their advanced art imaging software and inkjet design transfer technology to work replicating some of the hardest, rarest and most attractive ‘wood’. The new Mountain Timber line looks just like fossilized wood, old timber that has transformed into stone after years buried beneath the earth’s sediment.

This rare stone is recreated with Mediterranea’s ‘Dynamic HD Imaging’ technology that transfers hi-resolution graphic images onto porcelain tiles of any size, shape or texture. The Mountain Timber series is available in three color shades, all of which are produced in the United States with LEED and LEED for Homes required levels of recycled content. The new collection from Mediterranea has also been commercially graded for slip resistance.

Mediterranea Mountain Timber Porcelain Tiles

The fossilized phenomena the Mountain Timber line replicates begins with fallen lumber that is slowly buried over time. Colorless quartz crystals deposit themselves inside the wood lattice and are infused with mineral-laden water. The mineral deposits harden over time, replacing the original wood with a colorful material that is structurally equivalent to stone. Mediterranea has selected only the most ornate samples to replicate with their digital inkjet printing process.

The Italian-based developers at Mediterranea have been producing tiles in collaboration with top factories in Italy, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina and the United States for over a decade.