Maytag’s TurboVent Technology Makes Drying Efficient

Maytag Commercial Laundry has developed its newest line of super-capacity dryers using its TurboVent Technology. The TurboVent Technology offers 100 ft. of venting capability to provide maximum performance and shorter drying times, while helping save energy costs in many poorly vented situations.“We created TurboVent Technology because many apartment buildings and university housing were designed without proper venting for laundry,” says Craig Kirchner, director of global commercial laundry at Whirlpool Corp., which owns Maytag. “Poor venting leads to poor drying performance and a serious waste of energy.”With TurboVent Technology, the blower spins 25 percent faster than previous Maytag Commercial Laundry models, without affecting the speed of the tumbler. This extra speed is expected to make it possible for the dryers to be used in longer vent installations, without sacrificing performance. Therefore, dry time is reduced even if the vent system is poor. It also claims to help reduce wear on internal parts.