Maytag Commercial Laundry’s Latest Dryer Cuts Utility Bills by Nearly 25 Percent

Maytag Commercial Laundry has launched its latest Energy Advantage Multi-Load Stack Dryers which save owners nearly 25 percent in energy and utility costs without increasing the average dry time, which makes it ideal for multifamily properties.The dryers’ fast-drying axial airflow system, increased insulation and double-paned windows keep heat contained in the basket, enabling clothes to dry faster with the lowest BTU output of perhaps any other commercial dryer on the market.“These dryers outperform the competition, using only 28,900 BTUs per load—far less than the nearest competitor,” says Craig Kirchner, global director of Maytag Commercial Laundry. “This can save owners and operators hundreds of dollars a year on utility bills.”Loaded with Built-To-Last features, the dryers have heavy-duty metal doors with tempered glass windows that cannot be pushed out; heavy-duty door hinges that are bolted through two layers of steel to protect the machine; and a magnetic door latch, providing a sealed drying process every time the door is closed. The dryers also come standard with Maytag ComputerTrac microprocessor controls, allowing operators to pre-program temperature and cool-down time to prevent over-drying. Maytag Commercial Laundry Energy Advantage Multi-Load Stack Dryers feature a fresh, modern look, with rounded edges, and are available in both stainless steel and white finishes.