Matchmaking Service for Renters and Brokers Launched in New York

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorNew York–A newly launched Web site called is now offering a real estate service which connects renters to real estate, which was launched on March 1st as a non-beta site, is a community of New Yorkers, on which members can rate and review New York rental brokers and receive personal matches to quality brokers who meet their specific criteria. There is no cost to the renters–in fact, they can get a $50 bonus check when they sign a qualifying lease. Additionally, renters also receive a minimum 20 percent discount off their traditional broker fee.Brokers, who agree to be reviewed and verified when they join the site, can set criteria for the type of renter prospects they want. A benefit for the brokers is that they get more consistent and qualified rental leads that will generate more per-hour income for the same efforts they currently do, according to the site’s creators.Matthew Day, president of, conceived the idea for the site when he relocated from his native Australia to New York in 2006 and experienced the challenge of finding good service when searching for a rental property.“The New York rental market has for years been begging for an alternative to the status quo. NYRentClub delivers that alternative by offering renters value and great service while simultaneously delivering agents a new premium class of renter leads,” says Day.Darren, a renter on the Upper West Side, says, “I hate how much brokers typically charge, but I don’t have time to search without one. NYRentClub gave me access to brokers all over the city and they all offered me a meaningful discount.”Currently, there are 40 brokers and over 100 registered members on the site.NYRentClub is an independent platform and lists agents from many of the top city firms. Any New York agent can apply to join; however, all agents must be pre-qualified with former client reference check, and then agree to be rated and reviewed by NYRentClub members going forward.