Make Dull Multifamily Spaces ‘Pop’ with AirStone

AirStone is an ultra-lightweight stone veneer that can easily be installed without grout to give any space an attractive update. The product has 80 percent recycled content and is 50 percent lighter than manufactured concrete stone.


A stone wallcovering can add a nice visual touch to many spaces in an apartment community such as a stone frame around an outdoor fireplace, a backsplash in a demonstration kitchen or siding on a barbecue setup. The only problem is that mason work and materials are traditionally very expensive. Now the only limit to stone walls is creativity thanks to AirStone, an ultra-lightweight DIY wall covering system from Baton LLC.

AirStones are individual stone pieces that precisely fit together, eliminating the need for grouting. The product is the only stone veneer light enough to attach directly to a wall, and the product still has the look and feel of real stone. Composed of a proprietary formula, AirStones are 75 percent lighter than real stone and 50 percent lighter than manufactured concrete stone. The stone veneers are also eco-friendly, with an 80 percent recycled content achieved through a production process that transforms synthetic particles into a lightweight hardened stone product.


Your maintenance or property management team can easily install AirStones by applying the pre-mixed adhesive and pressing the stone against a wall. By eliminating high installation and materials costs, an AirStone installation can drop a product’s cost by up to 80 percent. Corner pieces are available, and AirStone can be cut with a hacksaw for custom fittings. The material can also be drilled through, so hanging art and installing shelves is not a problem.

The AirStone product line comes in an gray-tinted Spring Creek color as well as a brown-tinted Autumn Mountain hue. The product line costs around $7 per square foot and is available at Lowe’s.