Linking Property Owners to Quality Property Managers

As renters and rental properties increase nationwide, the need for quality property management grows. Enter All Property Management, the largest property management network uniting investment property owners with property managers.

Seattle—As the number of renters and rental properties increases nationwide, the need for quality property management is growing as well. Enter Seattle-based All Property Management, the largest property management network uniting investment property owners with professional property managers.

“We’re an online lead-generation organization matching property owners with property managers looking to grow their businesses by finding more clients,” All Property Management CEO Reggie Brown tells MHN. “We use technology to bring together markets that are not efficiently matched at the present time.”

Given the nation’s hundreds of thousands of distressed homes, many of which could be rented, there may never have been a more opportune time for such services as those provided by All Property Management, Brown says.

“It’s a pivotal point, evidenced in the federal government recognizing its own portfolio of properties needs to be managed more efficiently,” Brown says, noting the U.S. government recently distributed a request for information on 200,000 REO properties it owns through Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

“It doesn’t have a formal way of disposing of these properties, so it needs a more innovative way to manage and gain revenue from them. It’s pivotal not only to the federal government, but to the entire housing industry, until the industry can be stabilized and greater absorption of available homes can be achieved.”

The customer base for All Property Management is currently comprised of small investors buying distressed homes, as well as individuals Brown terms “reluctant landlords,” who are striving to rent their own homes so they can pursue job opportunities elsewhere. Institutional property owners are also seeking ways to hold on to and profit from properties they own over longer periods. One way to achieve these goals is to employ professional property managers, he says.

All Property Management believes in the United States there exists about 40,000 small businesspeople specializing in property management, whose skills include minimizing operational costs, maximizing rent revenue and stabilizing the value of properties, and who are currently seeking to build portfolios of properties.

As the nation’s number one provider of the service it offers, All Property Management has several goals, Brown says. One is to increase the level of education provided to property owners, helping them comprehend the value of employing professional property managers. “And we’re seeking new sources of properties for our current property manager clients,” he adds.

“We see ourselves playing a vital role in trying to help the housing industry sort itself out by engaging more residential property owners and investors in the business of prospering from residential rental opportunities.”

The takeaway, he concludes, is that those who haven’t considered this means of locating partners should regard online lead generation “as the most efficient way to find professional property managers.”