Lincoln Property Company Expands Engagement with J Turner Research at 18 Properties

By Erika Schnitzer, Associate EditorDallas—Lincoln Property Company, a Dallas-based diversified real estate services company, has entered into an expanded engagement with J Turner Research to measure customer satisfaction levels of current and prospective residents at 18 communities.“What we do is we send an anonymous survey of what the prospect says, so the manager and leasing staff are really getting constant feedback about the [prospects’] perceptions of the leasing agent, the physical marketability and the value perception,” Joseph Batdorf, president, J Turner Research, tells MHN.Previously, J Turner conducted only employee surveys for Lincoln Property. In addition, J Turner will now measure current and prospective resident satisfaction on a monthly basis. Current residents will be surveyed no more than twice annually through the Turner Apartment Loyalty Index (TALi), while prospects’ customer satisfaction is measured using the PulseTracker survey, which is sent via email after prospects have left the community. “Management, in the past, has been relying on shopping services or their own people to tell them why or why not they are leasing,” says Batdorf, noting that surveying prospects makes feedback more transparent. “It also helps onsite people who constantly want to know how to improve themselves.”J Turner currently measures satisfaction at 500 properties. Each community will have the ability to compare its results against an industry index.“From my observation in visiting apartment management companies around the country, they are all dedicated to verbalizing that they are customer service-oriented. The first step to take is to measure that,” Batdorf states.Pictured: The Dakota in the Village, a Lincoln Property Company development in Dallas