Leviton Smart Load Center Lets Users Trip Circuits from Afar

The new product comes with high-tech features that give residents and property owners unheard-of monitoring and control of the home electrical system.
Leviton Load Center. Image courtesy of Leviton

Leviton has introduced a new smart circuit breaker system with internet functionality that gives property managers and users unprecedented control of the home electrical system.

The Leviton Smart Load Center can be installed in new or existing construction. With “smart” technology built into the load center and circuit breakers, the unique product provides real-time, granular information and energy management. The device is also the only residential circuit breaker on the market that exceeds UL requirements for ground-fault protection.

The product offers optional internet connectivity. Through the My Leviton app, users can control home lighting and load center activities from anywhere in the world on their smartphone or tablet. The app displays real-time energy consumption and trends, calculates approximate total energy costs per month, and provides alerts when a circuit breaker trips. Users can even trip up a circuit breaker remotely.

The device is easy to install, with a no-pigtail, fully plug-on design for circuit breakers up to 60A. Leviton offers a range of other products for commercial and residential buildings, including  high-tech lighting solutions that capitalize on the growing demand for smart homes.