LEED for Homes to be Finalized on Nov. 27

Earlier this week we discussed our heated anticipa...

Earlier this week we discussed our heated anticipation for the LEED for Homes program release — is it finalized? What will it entail, exactly?

Good news: The USGBC‘s site now includes news about the member ballot process
ending Nov. 26. (You and I can’t vote … unless you’re a member
organization primary contact. I’m not.)

And the LA Times has some information about LEED for Homes’ final OK in an article about last week’s Greenbuild conference in Chicago.

According to the Times, LEED for Homes, which has been in the testing phase for two years, *was* officially announced last week at the U.S. Green Building Council-organized Greenbuild extravaganza as anticipated — or, at least, the launch of LEED for Homes was announced.

As it turns out, the program, with the USGBC earlier said would be released in fall 2007, is still being finalized, which may explain why we’re still waiting for news about the specifics. The Times article indicates those will come in a little over a week, with an approval vote scheduled for my birthday (awww.)

The article says that LEED for Homes, "if adopted by vote of
council members Nov. 27 … will become
official." Which is great news! As more excitement builds about sustainability, more people are asking, what can I do to help? A home is the biggest lifetime investment most people will make — and the impact of a paradigm shift in construction and maintenance techniques could be huge.

I know what I’ll be using my blowing-out-the-cake-candle wish for …