LeasingDesk Now Screens Entire Metro Area

By Rachel Block, ReporterIrvine, Calif.–LeasingDesk has further expanded its resident screening process, now including records from out-of-state metropolitan areas. LeasingDesk’s stategy allows for the comparison of multiple criminal databases against a prospective resident’s address and name that is revealed during the initial screening. By searching beyond the immediate area, the screening allows for the consumption of data from metropolitan criminal authorities, including cities that are out of state. “It provides a more comprehensive criminal search, and obviously the benefit of that is providing a safer environment for our employees and residents,” says David Carner, senior vice president of LeasingDesk.Due to this new search engine, LeasingDesk is capable of providing one of the most thorough criminal recommendations in the industry. Multifamily owners are given the opportunity of attaining an increased Net Operating Income (NOI) with a quick, efficient work method of choosing the best quality residents. “The metro search now allows us to expand,” Carner says. “If we’re talking about Kansas City, it sits on the border of Kansas so we search Kansas as well. It broadens out the search a little.”LeasingDesk screens prospective residents for criminal records in such jurisdictions as sex offender and terrorist records. Together with credit, eviction, fraud, check writing history and the company’s proprietary rental payment database, the records are compiled into just one scored report. LeasingDesk will not charge its clients any extra for this new enhancement.Additionally, the company has many more expansion plans in sight for the future. “We increase the criminal coverage on a monthly basis,” Carner explains. “Today we have more than 430 jurisdictions, and it goes up every single month.”