LeasingDesk Introduces Event Liability Insurance for Residents

Carrollton, Texas–LeasingDesk has announced the availability of special event liability insurance for residents who host one-day gatherings in property clubhouses or at other local off-site locations.

“This affordable liability protection is designed to provide protection to the resident and the property owner that a standard renter’s policy does not provide,” says David Carner, president of LeasingDesk. “We believe liability protection will soon become a requirement for many properties any time the clubhouse is rented, because it offers protection to the owner and the resident and the cost is not prohibitive.”

Offered through eRenterPlan, which specializes in insurance products for apartment residents, special event coverage can be purchased by residents who host a party, business meeting, wedding reception, reunion or other similar gathering at the community clubhouse, or at a local church or banquet hall.

For as little as $100, this program is primarily designed for single-day special events and offers limit options of $1 million and $2 million per occurrence. No additional charges apply to add the owner of the event location or facility as an additional insured, increasing the policy’s value even further.