Laundry Day

Do your residents dread dealing with your washers and dryers?

Whether you have in-unit washers and dryers, a communal laundry room, or no laundry facilities in the building, your residents are sure to have an opinion on this amentity. MHN and Kingsley Associates asked residents to air their dirty laundry on this topic.

❝ It would be nice if instead of having to use quarters in the laundry facilities we could get re-loadable cards to use for washing. ❞

—Cypress, Calif.

❝ We need additional laundry units on the property. It’s always full on weekends when most people are off from work. It forces me to go offsite to a coin laundry facility. ❞

—San Dimas, Calif.

❝ The space was very small for such a high price, and not having a washer and dryer in the unit is a huge deal. I do not want to have to pay for laundry and/or wait for my laundry. This was probably the main reason I would not rent there. ❞

—Boca Raton, Fla.

❝ I would suggest coin machines for the laundry room if planning to continue having machines that only take quarters. ❞

—Lewisville, Texas

❝ I did find the process for obtaining a money card to do the laundry rather antiquated. Why not have a credit
card machine? ❞

—New York City

❝ Clean the laundry rooms and have them serviced more often. The washers always smell. The dryers don’t work correctly. ❞

—Huntington Beach, Calif.

❝ The kitchen and laundry appliances are low-end for what is considered a high-end apartment community. My suggestion
is get better appliances. ❞

—Pasadena, Calif.

❝ Great community. It has washers and dryers in all units, which is a huge selling point. ❞

—Nashua, N.H.

❝ I would like to see front-loading washers and dryers. ❞


❝ The electronic texting when the washer or dryer is complete was very nice. ❞

—Wilmington, N.C.

❝ Management should consider replacing our traditional washing machines and dishwashers with high-efficiency ones, which will also help save the environment. ❞

—Rockville, Md.