Kolbe’s TerraSpan Lift and Slide Doors

Kolbe’s new TerraSpan lift and slide doors provide expansive, easy-to-operate doors that transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. TerraSpan doors, part of Kolbe’s Ultra Series, match with its full line of aluminum-clad wood windows and doors.TerraSpan doors can incorporate up to 10 panels per unit with a 12-ft. maximum panel height. As each panel is 2.25-inches thick, they require minimum space when open — either nesting behind one another, or recessing into a pocket opening to disappear completely from view. The doors are available in energy-efficient glass options. A broad palette of environmentally friendly finishes protect the exterior cladding, which includes recycled aluminum. A range of sustainably harvested wood species can be chosen for the interior trim.TerraSpan doors are offered in more than 900 operational configurations. For strength and security, TerraSpan doors feature multi-point locking hardware and may be selected in finishes such as satin nickel and oil rubbed. Finger pulls and on-wall holding plates for removable handles can be specially requested. Divided lites, patterned or high-performance glass, and three screen options can be added to complete the look and functionality of TerraSpan doors.www.kolbe-kolbe.com