Kingsley’s Employee Engagement Program Helps MF Firms Drive Organizational Performance

The Kingsley Employee Engagement Program (KEEP) is a cost-effective tool for multifamily firms to drive organizational performance through improved employee satisfaction, loyalty and engagement. The survey-based program measures employee engagement, while identifying strengths, weaknesses and potential best practices within an organization. Through this program, multifamily firms can:•    Optimize employee engagement and retention •    Gauge the alignment of employee and company goals •    Enhance employee/management relations •    Identify ways to improve employee satisfaction and engagement After the employee engagement survey is complete, Kingsley Associates will develop actionable reports, which include: Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards summarizing performance in the areas most directly influencing employee satisfaction and engagement; correlation analysis to determine drivers of satisfaction and engagement; relevant benchmarks (Kingsley Associates has a database of employee satisfaction and engagement metrics specific to the real estate industry referred to as the Kingsley Index); question-by-question detail, with comparisons to the Kingsley Index; comparative analysis of groups (e.g. region, division, or VP); verbatim comments, without attribution to protection confidentiality as well as strategic executive brief which includes a detailed analysis useful to senior-level personnel as they review the firm-wide results. The brief will evaluate key demographic areas and will reveal trends, associations and insights that may not be readily apparent in the reports.