Jesse Jackson, Members of Congress Encourage Subprime Help at Rally

New York–The Rev. Jesse Jackson, joined by members of Congress and the City Council, advised the Bush administration to address the subprime crisis during a packed meeting at City Hall Sunday, Newsday reports.Jackson, who was joined by Rep. John Conyers of Michigan and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, lead the forum, which was part of the Wall Street Project’s 11th annual Economic Summit. The equal opportunity organization’s conference lasts until Jan. 9 in New York.The Bush administration needs to pursue unscrupulous lenders more forcefully, Jackson said. He also predicted that the issue would be an important factor in the upcoming presidential race.Jackson recently held a march to raise awareness of the lending crisis, which he called the “central-most issue in America today.” He also will sponsor a march to the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development on Jan. 22.