Jasper Stone Selects Portfolio Maximizer for Centralizing and Automating Investment Analysis

Needham, Mass.–Jasper Stone Partners has selected Resolve Technology’s Portfolio Maximizer software to centralize and automate investment analysis and reporting.   “As we acquire more properties and create new investment portfolios at different locations, using Excel spreadsheets has become increasingly time consuming,” says Joshua Meyer, Jasper Stone’s Chief Financial Officer. “Portfolio Maximizer enables us to scale our operations with efficient and reliable analysis capabilities.”Jasper Stone will use the Portfolio Maximizer software to perform scenario analyses on prospective properties to be acquired and conduct hold/sell analysis on current fund properties.  “Being able to run multiple scenarios in a quick and efficient manner allows us to optimize the levels of leverage for each of our funds and effectively manage the risks and returns to our investors,” explains Meyer. “Each of our Real Estate funds is slightly different, so a key factor in the selection of Portfolio Maximizer was the flexibility to easily model funds and run scenarios for varying structures, joint venture participation, investor preferences, and payout options.”  Data for the analysis is imported into Portfolio Maximizer from Jasper Stone’s accounting system and Argus forecast models. In addition, Portfolio Maximizer will help Jasper Stone streamline partnership accounting and investor reporting. “The rapid implementation at Jasper Stone demonstrates how customers that are ready to move quickly can get up and running with Portfolio Maximizer in almost no time,” adds Forman. “Given the current economic environment, investment managers can’t afford delays in getting the information they need to make decisions.”