J. Josephson Inc.

The Vycon and Symphony wall covering series now has a functional solution to combat moisture and prevent mold and mildew for vinyl wall coverings.Exterior surfacing and vapor barriers can get rid of a majority of mold and mildew by deflecting the moisture outside a building. But there still remains moisture between the outside and inside walls, and Vycon and Symphony wall coverings help in eliminating that.Vycon and Symphony, manufactured by J. Josephson Inc., a contract wall covering company, use micro-venting technology that creates invisible perforations allowing moisture to pass more easily through walls, thereby reducing the build-up of condensation.Micro-venting lets moisture escape through the wall coverings from both sides, and hence may not be suitable in bathrooms or rooms in hospitals where anti-bacterial conditions are required. Venting wall covering cannot in itself prevent mold or mildew unless the cause for excess moisture is eliminated. www.vyconwallcovering.comwww.symphonywallcovering.com