IREM Takes CPM Course to China

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorShanghai, CHINA–The Institute of Real Estate Management will soon be launching its Certified Property Manager (CPM) course in China’s most populous city, Shanghai. In partnership with the Shanghai Weston Real Estate Management Institute, a division of Brawman International Group, IREM will begin a complete series of CPM courses from Oct. 22 to 26. IREM hopes that by 2009, the courses will be presented in other Chinese cities, namely in Beijing and Guangzhou.The one-week course will be offered in Shanghai in Chinese on a bi-monthly basis. “China is a huge, untapped market where a lot of construction is currently going on,” IREM President Regina T. Mullins tells MHN. “The courses in Shanghai will focus on multifamily, since that is the sector that’s booming there.”Mullins explains that as the construction in China moves from government control to the private sector, most people want to know how to work in the private sector. “Countries like China, Japan, Korea and Russia are like little sponges, wanting to soak in the education and learn how to add value to the property versus just maintaining it,” says Mullins.IREM is partnering with Weston, which will teach the courses in Shanghai. “Weston is committed to raising the profile and stature of real estate management in China—through education, professional development, and the upholding of the highest ethical standards. They realize that the industry as a whole will benefit through enhancing the profession and positioning real estate managers as key players in the real estate investment process,” says Mullins. In addition to the United States, IREM currently offers credentialing courses in Canada, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine and South Africa.