Intuit’s Upgraded Version Can Structure Complex Deals

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorMountain View, Calif.–Intuit Real Estate Solutions (IRES) has released the second version of IMPACT, a tool used to model and evaluate multiple portfolio scenarios based on companies’ key performance indicators (KPIs).IMPACT, which can be hosted by the client or by IRES, helps companies make the right portfolio and asset decisions encompassing multiple opportunities such as buy-hold-sell scenarios, debt levels and the impact of capital deployment investments, monitored via client-customized dashboard views.“This product is for all types of commercial properties, but in the residential sector, it only works for the multifamily industry. For example, a multifamily investor who wants to maximize his returns, will find this product useful,” Andrew Rains, IRES vice president global sales and marketing, tells MHN.The most significant enhancement to the IMPACT solution “is the ability to model, report and track complex deal structures and hurdle payouts with different waterfall scenarios to determine optimal results,” he says. “Waterfalls can be calculated at the investment level, intermediate roll-up levels as well as at fund levels.“The new version helps structure deals as well as distribute the investment returns,” says Rains.With IMPACT’s new version, firms can more easily manage complex deal structures and the waterfall models that show implications to investors and participants in funds, assets and joint ventures. Additionally, the ability to quickly and effortlessly structure “what-if” potential deal structures and the waterfall model implications combined with the “what-if” performance of assets, funds and joint ventures connecting actual performance to proforma allows firms to create deal structures that meet investor and participants’ business objectives. IMPACT supports the ability to store versions and revisions of multiple deal structures and waterfalls. The product also offers the capability to capture and manage capital contributions and commitments from investors and ensure all cash flows are distributed appropriately. IMPACT’s new version also uses Xcelsius point-and-click data visualization tools from Business Objects, a SAP company, which has the ability to create interactive, shareable dashboards. “Dashboards can be broken down into portfolio, subset of portfolio and individual investment views based on the users’ needs. The dashboards allow users to proactively manage performance and portfolio activity to see how the company is doing,” adds Rains.