International Builders’ Show Attendance May Not Show Large Decline

Orlando, Fla.–Despite a nationwide housing slump, attendance at the International Builders’ show in Orlando, Fla. may only be down 5 percent, the Orlando Sentinel reports.Paul Lopez, a spokesman for the show’s annual host, the National Association of Home Builders, said registration was strong on the show’s opening day, prompting the organizers to decrease their previous attendance assessment, which indicated turnout may have dropped 9 percent.”We would be ecstatic if it’s only down 5 percent,” Lopez said.Jessie Allen, general manager of the Orange County Convention Center, said the center was busy during the show.  “Obviously, there was a number of folks coming to the building, so it wasn’t as if the streets were empty,” Allen said. “Floor activity is very busy, and from my standpoint, it’s an A-plus right now.”Bad weather Tuesday night and a Wednesday morning story may have made it difficult for some attendees to arrive to the show on time, causing organizers to overestimate the attendance decline, according to the Sentinel.