Induction Cooktops from Fagor

Fagor America has recently added three new models to its line of ultra-efficient induction cooktops. The new additions include a 12-in. cooktop with a stainless-steel trim and 30-in. and 36-in. cooktops with a beveled-glass edge (no trim). The 12-in. cooktop features two burners; the 30-in. features four burners, and the 36-in. features five burners. Considered one the most eco-friendly appliances for its efficiency, induction cooktops cook 50 percent faster than gas or electric cooktops, boiling water rapidly. Induction cooktops use 90 percent of the energy produced compared to 50 percent with gas and electric methods. The energy produced by the cooktop is directly supplied to the cooking vessel by a magnetic field. Self-adjusting burners detect the size of the cookware base and automatically adjust so that very little energy is wasted. With Fagor’s induction cooktops, heating and temperature adjustments are immediate with 12 cooking settings. The new cooktops also offer illuminated touch controls for operation. Fagor induction cooktops come with a seven-point safety system that includes low voltage detection, overflow safety, anti-overheating system, improper connection protection, over voltage protection, cookware detection and small utensil