Ideas Change Everything

Change Design – our pursuit of the moment.  In developing and designing buildings —  the act of creating buildings, by its nature, is a great expense of energy and materials dedicated to a moment in time, for the human activity of it’s time.

Change is a constant state — how can we create buildings that are relevant today, and lead us into our changed future?  Between the economy, climate change, and the technology revolution, we must design for change.  Here are some of the change design tools that we are using, every day.

Understand the past, listen to the present, design for the future. True listening involves challenging and dropping assumptions that are no longer relevant – and gaining new insights

photography - Sean Airhart

Find the essential human experience necessary for an organization to optimise and be better. Look deeper, put yourself inside and walk through the experience, every step of the way.

Build renaissance teams – integrating diverse intelligence creates high performance outcomes. Pull in team members from differing backgrounds and with varied knowledge and training – don’t allow social cohesion to stifle creative thinking.

Design to reuse, adapt, and re-invent. Look beyond the horizon line, understand directional shifts – step outside, broaden your vision. Consider all scales – the site, the neighborhood, the city, state, country – and look to the world beyond,

Design to cross boundaries – drive for integration, inside out, outside in. individual, community, world.

We can all be artists of change, shaping our future through change design.