Hybrid Air-Conditioning System Powered by Solar Energy or Electricity Reduces Energy Use by 60%

DuCool’s DuHybrid air-conditioning system is powered by solar thermal energy or electricity to reduce the energy required for cooling by up to 60 percent compared to standard air conditioning. The DuHybrid system combines desiccant dehumidification with evaporative or geothermal cooling to eliminate the need for conventional mechanical cooling. It utilizes solar thermal energy when available and automatically switches to electric power when needed. The DuHybrid system can also be integrated with a cogeneration system and can be powered by other renewable energy sources or waste heat. The DuHybrid system operates in one of two modes. The renewable energy mode is the default mode of operation. Based on the application, in this mode the unit can generate over 20 TR (tons of refrigeration) of cooling and dehumidification using renewable energy sources such as solar thermal and geothermal water. In the electric mode of operation an embedded compressor is activated to enable efficient cooling and dehumidification by using the waste heat of the compressor as an internal energy source. The DuHybrid system can be supplied in one of the three configurations, 1400CFM, 2400CFM and 3400CFM, that cover a broad range of commercial and industrial needs for air conditioning and dehumidification.Additional benefits of the DuHybrid system include the ability to control humidity and temperature independently (variable sensible heat ratio). This guarantees that the required conditions, both temperature and humidity, are achieved in the most energy efficient way. The DuHybrid’s liquid desiccant cooling process eliminates 91 percent of the bacteria in the air in a single pass and removes over 80 percent of all particles larger than five microns including allergens such as pollen, dust and other airborne particles.