How to Empower and Keep Good Employees

Eight key factors that many property managers overlook.

In the world of property management many of us struggle with keeping and empowering our team members. Throughout my years in property management I’ve often been asked how I am able to keep long-term employees. After sitting down with team members, and reflecting on my own experience, I have come up with eight key factors that many of us tend to overlook or simply forget.

Think Positive

Everyone should understand the power of positive psychology, looking at every situation as a learning opportunity. Your outlook in business, as well as in life, is shaped by your thoughts and plays a major role in the way you approach every situation. Constant negative thoughts breed a pessimistic attitude, influencing not only your behavior but also that your team.

Everything starts with you, so think positive! Often this can be accomplished by shaping your thoughts with your personal “self talk.”  That is best described as the steady stream of thoughts, words and phrases that you say to yourself throughout the day. Some self talk emerges from logic and reason; at other times, it comes from your perceptions, judgments, and interpretations of information or—just as powerful—a lack of information. Positive thinking will generate optimism in yourself that will, in turn, help shape your team’s outlook. 

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