Highfield’s Electric Meter Bar Prevents Tampering

Highfield Manufacturing Co. has introduced the Multi-Maxx electric meter bar, a patented security device designed to lock off banks of ringless-type electric meter enclosures in apartment and multifamily complexes.  “As tampering, energy diversion and meter theft become increasingly common, Highfield’s Multi-Maxx offers property managers solutions for addressing this growing problem and ensuring a safe environment for their tenants,” says Joe McClain, Highfield’s vice president and general manager. “The Multi-Maxx is made of weather resistant, hardened carbon steel that makes tampering or drilling virtually impossible.”The Multi-Maxx is available in two sizes and has an inner rod that telescopes to accommodate from two to three or four to six ganged meters, typical of most apartment complex meter banks. It also features an articulating arm, a patented design that allows mounting the bar on the side or bottom of meter enclosures, depending on the ganged meter configuration.www.highfield-mfg.com