Hardware Resources’ Knife Pullout Preserves Sharp Edges

The new product lets you remove knives without the routine side-to-side motion.
Hardware Resources’ “No Wiggle” Knife Pullout. Image courtesy of Hardware Resources

Hardware Resources has debuted its “No Wiggle” Knife Pullout. The cabinet pullout features a double-sided magnetic knife bar installed within the unit. The company’s patented “No Wiggle” technology removes the side-to-side motion that results when knives are removed from pullouts.

The magnetic knife bar is embedded into the wood storage slots to preserve each knife’s sharpness. When inserted, the knife’s edge makes minimal contact with the unit. The magnetic strip provides 31.5 inches of storage and can accommodate a full knife set. An insert at the back of the unit can be used to store small paring or steak knives.

The new pullout is available in 5- and 8-inch widths that include a plastic cutting board with storage, while the 9-inch pullout includes three stainless steel storage containers. The unit requires no assembly and is designed with soft-close undermount sides.