Hakatai’s New Collection of Mixed-Media Mosaic Tiles

The Horizon series from Hakatai features mixed-media mosaic blends, offering blends of glass, glass and metal, and glass and stone. The random blends offer versatility and color options of glass mosaic tile, combined with the diversity of textures presented by polished stone, stainless steel or copper mosaics.The Horizon series of 7/8-in. by 7/8-in. tiles comes in a range of attractive colors, finishes and materials, offering a wealth of choices. The Horizon glass blends combine glossy and matte finish tile for a modern look. The contrasting finishes create depth and dimension, bringing surfaces to life. The Horizon glass and metal blends combine colorful glass tile with stainless steel or copper mosaics, a combination that allows the brilliant colors of glass tile to interact with the ultra-modern look of metal while the Horizon glass and stone blends combine two traditional mosaic materials for a sophisticated, classic look. The blends complement a variety of design schemes.Tiles in the Horizon series are approximately ¼-in. thick and mounted on mesh-backed sheets for easy installation.www.hakatai.com