Green Envy Founder Robert M. Roth Selected to Judge MHN’s Green Initiative Awards

New York—Robert M. Roth, Esq., president and founder of Green Envy Development, has been selected to judge MHN’s second annual Green Initiative Awards. Roth’s work at Green Envy includes the development of the Silhouette, a four-story, four-unit condominium project in Brooklyn designed to meet both LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum and Energy Star certifications.In addition, Roth is an adjunct professor at CUNY Brooklyn College, where he teaches real estate courses and a newly launched Green Business Course, and a registered mortgage broker with Exclusive Capital Consultants.The Green Initiative Awards presented by MHN recognize eco-friendly corporate initiatives by apartment communities, developers, suppliers, manufacturers and others in the multifamily sector. Winners will be published in the November 2009 issue of Multi-Housing News Magazine. Deadline for entries is August 1. Click here for more information and to enter MHN’s Green Initiative Awards Competition.Roth’s personal environmental awareness can be traced to the first environmental fundraising event, hosted by Green Corps, a nationally recognized Green NGO, that he attended as an audience member. “I entered the meeting with no more than a casual curiosity of environmental issues, and far less enthusiasm for green political activism,” says Roth. “However, after hearing the presentations of the various speakers—and after several weeks of reflection on the green political movement I witnessed there—I took dramatic action.” Since then, Roth adds, he has changed his business practices and resources of time and energy to include environmental awareness and profitable business application. Check back for information on other judges for MHN’s Green Initiative Awards