Green Building Competition Opens in Manhattan

By Erika Schnitzer, Associate EditorNew York–The third New York City Green Building Competition is now open.The purpose of the nationwide competition is to seek projects that uphold New York City as the center of urban sustainability. “Green building is now in the mainstream here with visionary and innovative construction projects gaining a full head of steam all over the city,” says Steinberg. “This competition helps create more visible examples of building green in the mosaic of everyday city life.” This year’s competition theme is “integration.” Applicants will be judged on their integration of construction, occupancy and community. They must utilize design principles of whole building, address post-occupancy concerns with the project’s overall objectives and incorporate the projects into the existing landscape and community where it is built.Projects must be classified in one of three categories: built, design/construction and conceptual designs.The number of applicants to the competition has increased over the past three years, with the expected number this year between 40-60 applicants. The visibility of green buildings within the community of architects and engineers has been heightened and with the media coverage of the awards ceremony, the general public is able to learn more about green building.Submissions for the competition are due by May 30, and winners will be announced in September. Winners will receive the Green Building Competition Award, in addition to cash awards determined by the jury panel based on the quantity and quality of proposals.For more information on how to enter, click here.